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:-) smiling
;-) kidding or teasing
:-D laughing
:-I determined
|-O yawning
:-/ sceptical
:-( not happy
>:-( or :-|| angry
:-& tongue-tied
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:-@ shouting or screaming
:-C disappointed
:'-( crying
:-O wow
:-X lips are sealed
-) greedy
:-P a 'raspberry'
}:-) mischievous
O:-) angel
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:->< shocked
:-o zz bored
|-I sleeping
|-O snoring
%-} drunk
%+\ spaced out
:-v talking
{:-) toupee
}:-( toupee blowing in the wind
=|:-)= Uncle Sam
:^) broken nose
B-) wearing glasses
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:-{) a moustache
:-)= a beard
:-)> a goatee
8-) wearing sunglasses
8:-) wearing sunglasses
8:-) wearing sunglasses on the head
%-) gone googly-eyed!
:-)~ drooling
:-9 licking your lips
:-~) a cold
&:-) bad hair day
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:*) only joking
:-Q confused
:-S lost for words
!:-) imaginative
!-) black eye
~(_8^(|) Homer Simpson
(_____:^) Marge Simpson
@}--\-,--- a rose

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