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AAMOF as a matter of fact
ABT about
ADN any day now
AFAIK as far as I know
AKA also known as
ANFSCD and now for something completely different
ASAP as soon as possible
AYPI? and your point is?
ATB all the best
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B4 before
B4N bye for now
BBS be back soon
BCNU be seeing you
BF or B/F boyfriend
BFN bye for now
BTDT been there done that
BTOBS be there or be square
BTW by the way
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CWOT complete waste of time
CWYL chat with you later
CUIMD see you in my dreams
CUL8R see you later
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DTRT do the right thing
DXRNE dictionary
DYK do you know
EOD end of discussion
4EVRYRS For ever yours
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F2F face to face
FAQ frequently asked questions
FOAF friend of a friend
FOC free of charge
FWIW for what it's worth
FYEO for your eyes only
FYI for your information
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G&BIT grin & bear it
G2G or GG got to go
GAL get a life
GBH great big hug
GF or G/F girlfriend
GMTA great minds think alike
GOK god only knows
GOWI get on with it
GR8 great
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HAG1 have a good one
HIH hope it helps
HSIK how should I know
HAND have a nice day
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IAC in any case
IC I see
IDTT I'll drink to that
IGTP I get the point
IJWTK I just want to know
IMO in my opinion
INPO in no particular order
IOW in other words
IUSS If you say so

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