Vodafone Voicemail
call vodafone voicemail
voda main menu

While listening to messages
voda main menu
voda repeat message
voda delete message
voda go to previous message
voda get caller number
voda goto next message
voda save message (7days)
voda message date and time
voda help
voda pause or continue

Retrieve number and reply
voda get caller number
voda dial caller number

personal greetings menu
voda personal greetings
voda record personal greeting
voda start recording
voda end recording
voda review recording
voda cancel and re-record
voda accept new greeting

Main Menu
voda mailbox settings
voda further information

Mailbox Settings
voda security settings
voda message notification options
voda divert to voicemail options
voda replay and order settings
voda time and date settings