For main menu select main menu link immediately after calling, enter your PIN code and scroll down to main menu links. For quick functions use the links immediately under O2 voicemail quick menu...
call 901
901 main menu
Use the following numbers to enter your PIN securely...
1  2  3  4  5
6  7  8  9  0

O2 901 voicemail menu
901 pause
901 save message
901 delete message
901 skip back 5 seconds
901 return call
901 skip forward 5 seconds
901 forward message or reply
901 message time and caller ID
901 choose text message to send

Main menu
Use the main menu link at top of page then enter your PIN code
o2 901 tutorial

Tutorial sub menu
o2 901 distribution list tutorial
o2 901 call return tutorial
o2 901 text template reply tutorial
o2 901 record message for another user tutorial
o2 901 reply to message directly with a message tutorial
o2 901 PIN code tutorial
o2 901 personal greeting tutorial
o2 901 main menu

Main menu
o2 901 retrieve messages mode
o2 901 personal greeting

Personal Greeting sub menu
o2 901 new greeting
o2 901 new name tag

Main menu
o2 901 PIN change
o2 901 additional options

Additional Options menu
o2 901 new message notification
o2 901 PIN code protection

Main menu
o2 901 send message to distribution list

Send message to distribution list menu
o2 901 record message
o2 901 create distribution list
o2 901 edit distribution list

Main menu
o2 901 send message to someone without talking to them

Send message to someone (without talking)
o2 901 record message (without talking)
o2 901 replay message
o2 901 send message